• Please fill in the questions as fully and accurately as possible.

    Providing a high level of accurate detail will help us decrease the costs of the ads and potentially make them much more profitable.

    If you’re not sure of any of the answers, or one question doesn’t apply to you, leave the answer blank.

  • If yes please give us your account ID number or send us an invite to manage your account. If you're not sure how to do this, we can arrange this later.
  • We can be as specific as certain zip codes, or within a 1km radius of a particular place, to as wide as the entire country. We can include cities but exclude particular suburbs.
  • Please describe the basic demographics of the prospects you want clicking on your ads. Focus first on the people who spend the most money on you. What ages are they? Where do they work? What is their job? Where do they live?
  • If you were going to search for your service or products on Google, what are some keywords you would type into the search box?
  • Please paste their website if you have handy
  • Are you in a regulated industry? Illegal to advertise in particular states? Need special approvals with corporate higher-ups? Let us know what challenges there might be.
  • If there are things which we should pursue most aggressively, what would they be?