Project Base Pricing

Projects typically start at €2,000 and go up to €22,000 or more depending on the requirements. To determine the exact price, the first thing you need to do is fill out the Project Worksheet. The answers contained are worth their weight in gold to any web consultancy company. Many clients find completing the worksheet a great exercise for their business planning. Once you complete the worksheet we’ll be in touch within a few days to arrange a strategy meeting to discuss the best ways you can boost your business via online channels. 

On Going Services

Our clients get the most value from Site Lift with on-going services which help maintain and grow their online businesses. Hiring us on a monthly retainer provides much better value than hourly or daily based pricing.

Care Plans & Growth Plans

Looking for the best value for money? Want a team of specialists consistantly and reliably improving your business month on month? Then take a look at our Care Plans and Growth Plans.

Care Plans

Starting at €99 per month your website is kept continually tweaked and updated, plus you get access to our technical support team.

Growth Plans

Starting at €499 per month these plans are designs to increase your websites popularity and your monthly revenues. Included in this these plans are content creation – keyword research – social media management – search engine ranking tracking – monthly reports – growth driven design – ad campaigns and more. 

Hourly and daily rates

Looking for a small job that will just take a few hours?

Consultancy & Design

Hourly pricing = €50 per hour

Development & Coding

Hourly pricing = €70 per hour

Minimum charge

1 hour. It’s not feasible for us to invoice for anything less than this. If you require small jobs consider purchasing Times Blocks or look at our Care Plans.

Time Blocks

Do you require lots of small jobs? The best value option for this is Time Blocks. For example you purchase a 4 hour Time Block, because you need a 15 minute consultancy call, plus you need a couple of graphics made up for your social media sites which takes us 45 minutes. So now you have 3 hours remaining in your Time Block. You can use this time for whatever services we provide.

Emergency Rates

If you need something done urgently / immediately the price will be double the usual rate. We have a strict and tight deadline to get everything done on time for our clients. It’s often impossible to fit some extra workload in on very short notice without having to work overtime or bring in extra help. Avoid emergency rates by contacting us with enough time we’re able to fit your work into our regular schedule.

Working hours

We work Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 16:00 UTC

pricing is subject to change, terms and conditions apply