All projects have a proposal which covers the pricing, the time line, the project deadline and all the features which are included in the project. To make projects come in on budget three things are required, Site Lift needs to get things done quickly, the client (you) need to get any assets, content etc over to us quickly and provide feedback and revisions required quickly when asked, plus not change or modify the features or requirements part way through the project as this could mean more work, time and money. We can modify projects, we are flexible but we have a process for this which is covered in more detail below.

Project Timeline

Every project will have a strict timeline. Your project proposal will state the deadline for your project, however it’s usually 15 – 45 days after the start date.

Payment Schedule

Typically payment is a 50% deposit up front. The remaining 50% is due halfway through the project timeline, or when half of the project is completed, whichever comes first. This is to keep the project on schedule. For larger projects we may use several milestones, for example four milestones of 25% each. Payment schedule for your project will be outlined clearly in the proposal.

Payment Method

You must pay the investment required for your project via payment card. Upon paying the first milestone payment will be takes and any further milestone payments will be automatically taken on the agreed upon dates.

Meeting our Deadlines and Overdue Projects

It’s very important that your project runs on the agreed upon timeline and finishes on the agreed upon deadline. We only take on one project at a time so we can focus all our attention on your project. Hence if we’re not working on your project when we should be or we are going overtime on a project it’s going to incur extra costs. If you can provide us content and feedback we require in a timely manner, we can easily meet the project deadline.

Continuing work on Overdue Projects

If the project is overdue due to no fault of Site Lift, the project can be continued by paying a weekly retainer fee for each additional week, with payment being due at the beginning of each week.

The reason being is that the budget covers the time set in the project timeline. We charge per hour and can’t work extra time without payment.

In fairness if the project is overdue due to the fault of Site Lift  (i.e. we are not responding calls or emails in a timely manner, or we take an inordinate amount of time to perform revisions) then 20% of the value of the project will be refunded to the client.

Parking Overdue Projects

On rare occasions clients need to postpone a project part way through, or they are unable to do their part in completing the project (providing content, signing off, etc) perhaps because of unforeseen circumstances on their side. In this situation we can park the overdue project. Park projects will essentially be taken off our server, archived and stored for up to one year.

Reactivating Parked Projects

Parked projects can be reactivated for a fee of €250. This fee covers the time it takes to set the project up again and the costs involved in storage.

Changing the scope of the project proposal

It’s common that during a project new features or changes will be requested by our client. New features wouldn’t be included in the original proposal so will need to be quoted for separately. This includes changes to existing, or already completed features. Changing the scope of an existing project that is part way through is disruptive and should be avoided because it means projects go overtime and over budget and become more complicated. We’re happy to make changes to the project, we want you to have some flexibility, but the ideal solution is to add whatever changes are required to a new second project and complete the first project. This allows us to finish the current project on time and on budget, launch of the first version of the project and plan the second project with the new revisions and features into both our schedules. 

Missing Content

If there is missing content required for the website which you are responsible for providing, dummy text and images will be used instead.


All payment are non-refundable. Unlike products we can’t take them back and sell them to someone else. Once our time is gone it’s gone.