Product Description Writing Service For Shopify & WooCommerce Websites.


HTML formatted SEO product descriptions, complete with optimised titles and meta descriptions.

Even if you have great product images, that alone may not be enough to convince visitors to make a purchase. That’s where product descriptions come in. Whether you run a small online store or a large ecommerce business, it’s crucial to ensure that your product descriptions can replace the in-store experience.

By using a Product Description Writing service, you can make sure that all your products have captivating descriptions that effectively promote and showcase every intricate detail in a positive manner.

Our team of writers has extensive experience crafting product descriptions that sell. We have honed our skills over numerous years to master the art of writing compelling product descriptions. We go beyond simply listing manufacturer specifications and instead focus on addressing your target audience directly by answering their questions.

From low cost bulk articles, one off articles, to monthly regular blog posts, we've got you covered. 
  • Product Descriptions Standard

    Per 100 products


    • 250+ Word Description
    • Meta Description / Excerpt
    • Optimised Product Titles
    • Bullet Points & Benefits
    • Export in a Spreadsheet
  • Product Descriptions Plus Images

    Per 100 products

    Descriptions + Images

    • 250+ Word Description
    • Meta Description / Excerpt
    • Optimised Product Titles
    • Bullet Points & Benefits
    • Export in a Spreadsheet
    • Product Images Included
  • Product Descriptions Full Service

    Per 100 products

    Fully Done For You Service

    • 250+ Word Description
    • Meta Description / Excerpt
    • Optimised Product Titles
    • Bullet Points & Benefits
    • Export in a Spreadsheet
    • Product Images Included
    • Uploaded For You
  • Money Back Guarantee

    We are proud of delivering affordable, high-quality product description writing services and want to provide a completely risk-free initial order. If you place an order and find it doesn't fully meet your standards, we guarantee a complete reimbursement, no questions asked, and certainly no hard feelings.

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  • Can I see examples of your Product Descriptions?

    Sure - here are three examples of Product Descriptions we made recently made:

    Why Choose Us?

    Site Lift Product Description Writing Benefits

    Our product description writing service is the best bang for buck we've found. Some other while label companies charge $10 per description where ours start at $1 per description.

    • Clean HTML Description

      Short yet extremely creative and catchy description of the feature.

    • Descriptive Titles

      Titles that will give buyers more chance of finding the product on Google and noticing the product on your store.

    • SEO Meta Description

      Titles that will give buyers more chance of finding the product on Google and noticing the product on your store.

    • Spreadsheet Export / Import

      Titles that will give buyers more chance of finding the product on Google and noticing the product on your store.

  • Talk to content auditor Simon about your content goals and discuss our SEO blog post creation service.

    • Refund Policy: If we you’re unhappy with the blog content we’ll rewrite it or refund you no questions asked.
    • Lead time: On average, a blog post will take 1-3 working. The duration may vary depending on factors such as the time of year, project scope, and editor availability.


    • What is a product description writing service?

      A product description writing service specializes in crafting bespoke, compelling, and engaging descriptions for products. These descriptions aim to highlight the unique features and benefits of a product, enticing potential customers and driving sales. The product descriptions can be written in bulk and supplied via a spreadsheet for easy importing to your ecommerce platform.

    • How does your product description writing service work?

      You provide us with a spreadsheet of all your product names and URLS (if they’ve been uploaded already) and we use our proprietary software to scan the internet for information regarding the product, including it’s features, functions, benefits, and target audience. We then use a formula along with the latest multimodal language model to craft a unique and compelling product description. The product description always includes a short description, bullet points summary, and benefits section of the product. Once this is done, if desired by you, we’ll also scan the internet for matching product images and download them. We can also upload the product descriptions and images for you.

    • What quantities of products is your service best for?

      Because of the low cost per product description, starting from just 1 euro per product, our service is best for bulk product descriptions. Say 50 or more. We can easily handle 500+ product descriptions.

    • What kind of products can you write descriptions for?

      Our process is versatile and able to write product descriptions about a wide range of products, from apparels, electronics, cosmetics, home goods, software, or any other type of product.

    • What makes a great product description?

      A great product description highlights the unique selling points of the product, speaks directly to the target audience, and is concise yet informative. It should be able to convey the product’s benefits and convince potential customers about how the product can meet their needs or solve their problems.

    • How do you ensure the product descriptions are accurate?

      Our process crosschecks multiple sources for information about your product and ensures the description we right matches correctly the existing available information regarding your product. The final check is made by you to ensure the product description we’ve given you definitely matches the product you are selling.

    • Can you create descriptions for a large catalog of products?

      Absolutely, our process is centered around handling large catalogs of products. Our minimum order is 50 product descriptions. Our maximum for one order is 2000. But you can make multiple orders.

    • Will the product descriptions be SEO-friendly?

      Definitely, we understand the importance of SEO for visibility and higher rankings. Hence, we ensure to integrate relevant keywords naturally into the product descriptions without compromising their readability. This increases the chances of your products being found by potential customers on search engines.

    • How long will it take to write descriptions for my products?

      The timeframe depends on the number of products for which you require descriptions and their complexity. On an average estimate, we can complete around 500 descriptions per day. It may take us 1-3 days to begin processing your order depending on our backlog and availability, but we’ll let you know when you’re order will be completed when you contact us.

    • How does your service differ from other product description writing services?

      What sets us apart is our price for bulk product description writing services Some other services cost €10 per product and our service starts at around €1. We also provide the option of downloading product images for you, as well as uploading the product descriptions for you. Of course we also include other features that some other provides include, such as enticing product titles, SEO meta data, and HTML product descriptions with concise description, bullet point summary and benefits section. As well as spreadsheet import/export.

    • What is the cost of your product description writing service?

      Our price starts at 1 Euro per product for bulk orders. Small orders may cost more per product. For a detailed quote, please provide us with information regarding the number of products and the nature of descriptions required.

    • Can I see a sample of your product descriptions before I decide to hire your service?

      Of course, we would be happy to provide samples of our work. Please reach out to us directly for specific samples that align with your product category.

    • What is your refund policy if I am not satisfied with the product descriptions?

      We offer a no questions, no quibbles, 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our work.