SEO Blog Posts


Looking to boost your organic SEO?
How about our SEO optimised blog posts written to rank higher than your competitors?

Using SEO blog creation software our team will scan the top 20 results in Google for your target country and create a blog post that ranks higher than the top scores, giving your article a fighting chance of ranking in Google. 

We can also post to your blog, add images and SEO meta data. 

Prices start from 1 cent per word or 23 EUR per hour for content generation with SEO blog creation software and manually edited. 

From low cost bulk articles, one off articles, to monthly regular blog posts, we've got you covered. 
  • SEO Post Basic

    Per 2000 words

    For less competitive industries

    • Basic Subject Research
    • Topics Created For You
    • UK & US Editors
    • A.I. Assisted · Human Edited
    • Unlimited Revisions
  • SEO Post Premium

    Per 1000 words

    Where 100% human is required

    • Thorough Subject Research
    • Topics Created For You
    • UK & US Editors
    • Inc. Meta Description
    • Inc. Royal Free Images
    • 100% Human Written
  • Money Back Guarantee

    We take great pride in providing cost-effective quality SEO blog writing services. Our confidence in our services is so high that we offer an entirely risk-free first order. If you place an order for up to 10 blogs and they don’t entirely meet your expectations, we ensure a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

  • Talk to content auditor Simon about your content goals and discuss our SEO blog post creation service.

  • Can I see examples of your SEO Blog Posts?

    Sure - here are three examples we made recently:

    Who Are SEO Blog Posts For?

    Our SEO optimised blog posts are most commonly use by:
    • Sites looking to improve search engine optimization (SEO) by adding more keywords, linking internally, and regularly updating your blog, search engines like Google give your website higher rankings.
    • Sites looking to position their brand as an industry leader. Well-written blog posts can showcase you expertise in the field and position a brand as a knowledgeable industry leader.
    • Sites looking to build a direct marketing channel. Each blog is a new opportunity to generate leads by adding call-to-action buttons that guide readers to a landing page or another relevant page on the site.

    SEO Blog Process

    1. Planning

      We use SEO blog optimisation software (Surfer SEO or Frase) to scan the top 20 results in Google and plan a blog post that will be most likely to outrank the current competition.

    2. Drafting

      Apart from the 'Human Written Plus' package, the vast majority of our blog posts are aided by Zimmwriter and GPT-4 to quickly draft the blog post.

    3. Editing & Optimisation

      Our native English speaking content editior (UK/US) reads and edits the content, rewriting large sections and adding extra information which will increase SEO score and make it more useful for human readers. 

    4. Delivery

      The article is added to your client dashboard and you're notified by email. 

  • Talk to content auditor Simon about your content goals and discuss our SEO blog post creation service.

    • Refund Policy: If we you’re unhappy with the blog content we’ll rewrite it or refund you no questions asked.
    • Lead time: On average, a blog post will take 1-3 working. The duration may vary depending on factors such as the time of year, project scope, and editor availability.